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Focus on what is important: the growth of your project. That you are well protected, we take care of it. No matter what size (small or large) your company is, our goal is to advise you on the different elements that make up the protection of your business. 



    The welfare of an employee, your greatest benefit.

      • Employee health insurance
      • employee life insurance
      • Accident insurance agreement
      • Savings insurance for employees


    Health insurance

    Each person is different, and for this reason AXA Salud adapts to you, allowing you to choose the insurance you need.


    The most complete coverage


    • Health care by arranged medical chart with quick and easy access to more than 40.000 medical services.
    • Coverage of hospital and outpatient medicine nationwide.
    • No copays.
    • Unlimited coverage per medical chart.
    • Medical assistance in case of traffic and work accidents.
    • Inclusion of the newborn or adopted child from the first day, without deficiencies or pre-existing conditions and with guaranteed coverage for the first 30 days.
    • Cryopreservation of umbilical cord stem cells, through reimbursement of expenses.
    • Psychology consultation for reimbursement of expenses.
    • Diagnostic tests requested by professionals outside the medical team.
    • Dental coverage included, with access to an annual dental cleaning.
    • Postpartum care at home.
    • Preventive medicine programs, diagnosis
    Optimal Young

    The essentials to live in peace


    • Essential assistance by concerted medical chart with quick and easy access to more than 28.000 professionals.
    • Access to general medicine, paediatrics, ATS, medical and surgical specialties, as well as diagnostic tools.
    • With or without copays
    • General medicine, pediatrics and ATS consultations.
    • Consultations with specialists without waiting lists.
    • Diagnostic tests: analysis, ultrasound, mammography, MRI, CT, etc.
    • Preventive medicine programs: gynecological examination, early diagnosis of breast, urological, colon or glaucoma cancer.
    • Medical and pediatric guidance 24 hours.
    • Franchise wellness services.
    Family Optimum
    • All the coverage of Óptima, with a lower premium and a wide variety of copays. The copay is a small amount that you will pay when you use some services (no copays for hospitalization and surgery).
    • With three contracting options that adjust to both your needs and your economic possibilities.
      • Optimal Family S: with very low copays.
      • Optimal Family M: with a competitive copay and with the guarantee that if you exceed €250/year per insured person, you will not have to pay any other copay.
      • Optimal Family L: with higher copays and with the guarantee that if you exceed €450/year per insured, you will not have to pay any other copay.
    • Wide catalog of prostheses with no cost limit.
    • Medical and pediatric guidance 24 hours.
    • Reimbursement in home emergencies by free choice for general medicine, pediatrics and ATS.
    • Full board of the companion in surgery and childbirth.
    • Cutting-edge medical and technological innovations:
      Neuronavigator, Green Laser, DMD, PET CT, 3D mammography, echoendoscopy, capsule endoscopy. etc.
    • Payment protection.
    • Special agreements in prestigious medical centers in the USA.
    • Franchise wellness services.


    Optimal Plus

    Prestige and innovation at your fingertips

    • All the coverage of Optima and other more exclusive services.
    • Free access to doctors throughout the world, through reimbursement of expenses; up to 90% in Spain and 80% abroad.
    • No copays.
    • Assisted reproduction program.
    • Complementary medicine for reimbursement.
    • Admissions for eating disorders.
    • Bariatric surgery against obesity.
    • Assistance in deliveries in a suite room.
    • Capillary prostheses in oncological processes.
    • Cardiac genomic medicine.
    • DA VINCI robot for abdominal cancer surgery.
    • Cognitive telerehabilitation by the Institut Guttmann. Exclusive for AXA Seguros.
    • Holmium and Thulium laser in prostate surgery.
    • Prophylactic mastectomy and/or oophorectomy.
    • Growth factors in trauma interventions.
    • Hospitalization subsidy, optional.
    Dental insurance: We take care of your smile
    Our AXA Dental Health insurance offers you access to all private dental services through an extensive contracted medical directory and with an average discount of more than 40% compared to the average market price.
    You can hire it without distinction of age, without entry barriers and use it as many times as necessary wherever you go.

    We protect what matters most to you

    Life insurances

    We know that at each stage of life we ​​have different needs or projects, that's why we want to accompany you so that you take care of the most important thing: living it.

    Serious diseases

    Transform what you have into what you want

    Savings and Investment

    We help you organize the financial steps necessary to achieve your future wishes and those of your family.
    Our team is specialized not only in the financial branch but also in the tax area. We have the necessary tools to plan together the path towards your goals.


    We protect your dreams

    For many people, building a home or buying the desired car are not just material things, we are aware of how important they are to you, which is why our greatest vocation is to protect them.

    Home insurance


    Car insurance



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