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to our customers

Dear clients (past, current and potential), amig@s tod@s:

35 years ago Paco and Ramón Martí sowed an insignificant seed, which, over time, care and constant attention, has become a huge tree, whose branches have grown to embrace the entire province and shelter more than 20.000 people. who have trusted us, reaching dimensions of which we feel responsible and proud.

But this enormous task would not have been possible, first without the collaboration of a team of 35 people, prepared, professionals, with whom we are committed to maintaining and expanding, taking into account their personal and family situation, and secondly (and with the same importance), the trust of a multitude of clients, the base and support of our business, and to whom we give security and advice in the evolution of their lives.

We continue on this path, which is endless, and which must be addressed every day, adapting and anticipating the continuous changes and new situations in which our society is immersed, facing new challenges (climate change, digitization, sustainable economy, involvement and contribution to this world of which we are a part), to which it is necessary to give answers and for which we are prepared.

We believe that our activity is still necessary, because with it we give support and guidance to all the people who think that we are giving meaning to their lives.


Paco Marti and Ramon Marti

Address General

Juan Carlos Sendra, Juan Luis Bertomeu, Cristina Amores

Technical and Commercial Management

Tamara Navarro, Joaquin Garcia

Marketing and IT Department

Ester Ivars, Marivi Crespo

Administration and Labor Management Department

Christina Amores

Department of Learning and Development

Our team

Our team is made up of professionals who come from very varied disciplines such as: business administration, economics, sales, finance, banking, psychology, marketing, audiovisual, computer science, translation, philosophy and philology.

People and professionals with different points of view who, contributing their ideas on a day-to-day basis and at strategic moments, allow the company as a whole to develop and adapt to the needs of the constantly changing environment.

Why trusting us?

Because we are a cohesive team of professionals, specialists in our various fields, with proven experience over the years.

“Always willing to invite you to a coffee so that you can judge for yourself myself”.


"We can become

in the perfect complement

to your professional activity and

to your measure”


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