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Although it seems that the worst of the crisis has passed, there is still a great economic uncertainty, which causes more and more people to choose a pension plan that allows us to have a good standard of living when the time comes. of retirement, but … do we really need to hire a pension plan?

Why we should hire a pension plan?

Pension plans are an excellent complement to the public pension, linking both pensions, you can have a good standard of living when we retire, that in addition to tranquility, is something that we all seek after a long life working.

It is not necessary to consider them as an expense, but on the contrary, as an investment because it is done with a view to retirement. For this, the most advisable would be the hiring of a pension plan with the first salaries. In this way, a better capital will be obtained when we retire.

Depending on personal circumstances you can rescue the money if you suffer an unforeseen situation, such as a serious illness, unemployment or any other problem. According to the latest change in legislation in this field, it is allowed to rescue the money after having passed a term of 10 or more years. In addition, with pension plans we can deduct ourselves from the income statement.

Although it is recommended to start as soon as possible, a pension plan can be contracted at any time, no matter how old you are. Everything depends on the monthly planning and income, so you can play with a higher or lower fee, always with a minimum contribution required by the insurer.

Finally, do not forget that in the market you can find a lot of different options that can be adapted to each investor profile, the needs you have as well as your monthly income.

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