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Because your business is unique

Your business is different from the rest

You sell something different and your premises are also different, so you need protection tailored to your operations.
AXA’s shops insurance is so flexible and modular that you can take out only the covers you really need.

We know what might happen, so we provide covers that make the difference

What happens if the glass breaks in your shop window or sign? Nothing, because at AXA we’ll replace it.
What happens if your business is interrupted by a fire and you have to close? We meet your financial losses for up to six months.
And what if a customer slips and has an accident in your business? At AXA we cover any damage or injury caused.
We take care of everything so you can concentrate on selling.

For the eighth year in a row AXA is the world’s leading insurance brand in the Interbrand 2016 ranking.
At AXA we work with Ponle Freno to prevent traffic accidents and save lives.
The AXA Foundation and La Sexta have come together to drive disease prevention and medical research.

You can benefit from the AXAVIP Club

Did you know that as a customer you can save on travel, shopping, petrol, leisure and lots more?

In the AXAVIP Club you’ll get great deals on over 100 of your favourite brands.
Find out for yourself at www.axavip.es.

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