How safe is the mandatory insurance to hire for my SME?

As we already know, there is currently a wide range of insurance available to any company. In this case, you have to be convenient. If we talk about insurance for SMEs … What are the mandatory?

It is important to bear in mind that the obligation to contract insurance is related to the circumstances surrounding the company as well as its collective agreement, the sector to which it belongs, etc.

Mandatory insurance for an SME

Some activities have the obligation to hire a Civil Liability insurance. It is about taking care of paying the possible claims through civil means that may concur in the development of an activity. This is mainly due to the professional activities although in some jobs, to the clients that do not have insurance, although there is no binding norm.

One of the compulsory insurance for many people, if you have employees, is the case of life accidents or life agreements. Many of the collective agreements impose the obligation to have insurance covering both an accident at work and a natural death in the field of private life. The coverages and indemnities to be paid are established for the agreement.

Another mandatory insurance is the ten-year insurance. This insurance is related to construction.

The promoter will have to formalize an insurance which has a guarantee of ten years to buyers of new properties. This insurance covers any damage that occurs in the insured building as long as it has its origin or affects the foundation and / or the structure, the mechanical resistance and the stability of it.

Finally, do not forget a company that has a vehicle, that is not a topic that is not so easy or important.

In these cases, there is more to consult with the professionals of an insurance agency.

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