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At Grupo Martí we always think about improving the conditions of our clients' policies and, above all, we are always available to them! For this reason, and with the aim of rewarding loyalty, we have launched a new summer campaign that also rewards friendship.

Under the name of “Look for a friend” until September 30, all our clients who bring a new client to Grupo Martí will receive €50 for them and €50 for the new client. This summer friendship has a prize.

The products that you can benefit from are the following:

  • Periodic savings (minimum premium of €1.200)
  • Investment (minimum premium of €10.000)
  • Sure of Life (minimum bonus of €500)
  • Sure of Health (minimum bonus of €500)


This is a campaign applicable only to new customers who have to be friends of the current customer. For each friend that our client brings, they will receive €50. Yes indeed, each client can receive a maximum of €150 as a gift, that is, they can bring a maximum of three new clients.

The promotion will apply to operations from a net premium of €500 (Life and Health). Investment operations from €10.000 and periodic savings from €1.200 annualized contribution.

The 50 euros for client and friend will be paid whenever the policy is issued and will be paid one month after the effective date of the contract.

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