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Health Insurance Employees

At AXA we are experts in Health, our commitment is to offer you the best Healthcare to take care of the health of your employees with a customized range suited to the needs of your company.

Advantages of AXA health insurance for companies

The human capital of your company is a vital part that you have to take care of, Health insurance ensures that your employees receive the best medical assistance.

Advantages for the employee:

  • Exclusive and personalized attention through the wide medical table.
  • Enjoy innovative coverages and benefits.
  • It contributes to improving the reconciliation between personal and work life, since it allows you to include your family members in the same conditions.

Advantages for the company:

  • Adapted to the specific needs of the company or individual.
  • It loyalty to the employees and favors the work climate in the company.
  • Increase employee motivation and reduce absenteeism.
  • It is a deductible expense for the company.

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