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Decennial Insurance (Construction)

Guarantee your peace of mind during the 10 years after the completion of your work.

The promoters and builders must respond for damages that affect the structural elements of the homes and buildings they deliver.

Decennial Insurance (Construction)

Coverage for your clients for 10 years: According to the Building Law it is a compulsory insurance that guarantees during a period of 10 years all the damages produced by defects or defects of the construction, and that directly affect the resistance of the building.
Quality control through Technical Control Organizations. Through them an exhaustive monitoring of all the processes of the work is carried out, contributing to the saving of internal costs
Material damages due to defects or defects in the main work. In addition, the damages caused to the elements of the urbanization of the new construction originated as a result of these vices or defects are covered.
Better benefits: Payment of demolition and debris expenses, necessary for the repair of damages
Warranty for the buyer

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